Las Terrenas is a hidden paradise for kitesurfers, ideal for beginners to this sport that is accessible to all and full of sensations: numerous uncrowded lagoons, constant wind, warm waters all year round, beautiful beaches and the historical experience of the instructors!

A passion for kitesurf quickly guided the lifestyle of Leif and Stan, who have been teaching this evolutionary sport in Las Terrenas for 15 years. In 2003, Leif and Stan bought the first school of water sports in Las Terrenas Pura Vida, where they taught windsurfing, surfing, Hobie Cat and quickly started kitesurfing with the first C-kites due to their encounter with the brothers Legaignoux.

“These two brothers, passionate about the sea, cruises and nautical sports, invented a new way of sliding on the water carried by a kite in the 80s.” Ref.

The inventors Legaignoux arrived in Las Terrenas in 2000 and finished their second inflatable wing on the beaches of Portillo, Popy and Cosón: the Bow-kite destined for a wider audience. The spot in Las Terrenas is perfect with its regular winds ranging between 15 and 20 knots, its crystal clear and quiet lagoons. It is an ideal place to test materials, fine tune and adjust the last details of this new wing which is safer and provides better performance. Upon their arrival, the brothers created the Wipika School Network which was converted two years later into the International Kitesurf Organization. IKO which is the world reference for the rules of formation of instructors and training of this new sport. Involved in the first bow-kite events, Leif and Stan were among the first qualified kite board instructors.

The success of kitesurfing quickly extended to the entire planet, due to its fast and easy learning, the lightness of the equipment and its cost more economic than windsurfing.

Surrounded by a team of Dominican assistants and instructors, Leif and Stan are dedicated to the training of students, beginners or advanced, and the formation of instructors, as well as finding talented young Dominicans who wish to participate in international competitions.

As Lorenzo, a 16-year young kitesurf student, ranked 4th Junior Mondial in 2017 and also selected for Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires (summer 2018). Thanks to ESTILO DE VIDA School, he became an example of a way bettering one’s social standing in the Dominican Republic through kitesurf.

For more information, we strongly encourage you to check out Bruno Legaignoux’s book: KITESURF “From dream to reality” published in October 2017 that tells the amazing adventure of creating a new sport, kitesurf!

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