A very old but ever new technique

The Art of Mosaics

Beryl, a mosaic artist settled in
Las Terrenas

Armed with a glass cutter , tweezers , glue and pasters, Beryl, a mosaic artist settled in Las Terrenas for many years now , bring geometrical figures, flowers, faces, animals to life that are dazzling for their combinations of colors and shapes…

From a very early age , Wicked Beryl , as she is called , was inpired by Gaudi’s « trencadi « technique and was fortunate to have worked with Niki de Saint Phalle on her Italian masterpiece , the Tarot Garden and in France. This quickly became her way of expressing herself artistically.

Beryl adapts her art to all kinds of decorative elements such as panels, furniture, floors, columns, gattes, fountains, etc…

The raw materials

The raw materials Beryl uses are pieces of glass, stones, fragments of plates or cups, rejected or leftover ceramic tiles and even glass beads and buttons .

Recycling and Imagination

Quite often the things she randowlycomes across feed her creativity , a piece of drift wood or something a neighbor threwout: recycling and getting acrried away by your imagination are the rules of this art.

Transmit, Share and color

Adding a touch of plasticity to the decor of house. Inspiration can come from anywhere, from a landscape, an emotion.
It’s the desire to transmit, to share, it’s letting your sensations take on form and color.

Where The Magic Begins

Wicked Beryl’s Workshop

The “BATEA”, object of ART

In one of his famous ballads, Georges Brassens sang,

“because without talent a gift is nothing but a dirty habit”.

Wicked Beryl/ Beryl / without a doubt has the “gift” / and certainly that of her youngest age / but she was not satisfied with it; very quickly; just out of her adolescence / one can say it, “wild” / Beryl has forced herself to acquire the “talent”, and even with a kind of ferocity, vocacity to understand, to learn the “techniques” of visual expression, presentation, representation of shapes and colors.

We will not retrace his journey here after three years of study at the Institut Supèrieur des Arts Appliqués (ISAA) in Paris … it would be difficult, indeed, so multifaceted as it was, on the lookout for opportunities, encounters and crossbreeding … as long as we could have been mistaken, feel it as well as a raving dilettante.

Fashion arts, models, cutting, sewing, with a Zuli Bet … 


Costume arts of the Hip Hop scene with a Jean François Duroure, of the classical scene with a Manon Landowski ….

Arts of dyeing with the learning of “Batik” on the same place in Indonesia : from the study of “Sanganer” under the aegis of Krishna Riboud … from the practice of serigraphy … from the arts of “formal” expression at the Colombia College of Chicago.

And … Demanding training in the practice of ceramics sculpture, as skin, as wrapping forms with Nikki de Saint Phalle at the “Tarot Garden” of Garaviccio in Tuscany and France, mosaic of urban decoration with Wabbé à Choisi le Roi.

Beryl has been everywhere, one could say about all that she has been able to achieve in her quest to force her talent, to become an artist in fact.

It was Nikki de Saint Phalle, this multiform and accomplished artist, with a personality as striking as red iron, who told her about the artist “that he was like a drum that only really resounded when he was struck by a tensión”.
And this is Beryl, a being in tensión, and in fact a rather formidable character, in whom everything resounds deeply and amplifies itself, until the explosion of happiness.

Wasn’t it “natural” for her, in the country where she lives today, to take hold of this most daily aesthetic expression, the “BATEA”.
It was necessary for her to understand and integrate the function and the message.
She has it. Not only understood, learned, but taken up again in the line of its own “expressionism”.

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